Juraj Jakubisko – Bubeník Cerveného kríza
The Drummer For The Red Cross (translated title)
~ 14 minutes
⚠️ The rest of this post includes spoilers. You better watch the film before reading.

The Drummer For the Red Cross is a visually stunning and beautiful movie by Slovak film director Juraj Jakubisko. Although the art direction and the music score are classy the angles are frequently eclipsed by Jakubisko’s formalist experimental colors.

Colors without a strict pattern create the psychedelia and the unusual use of colors makes the movie unique. The way of story telling reminds me the European arabesque art. Everything in the story is from a perspective which is not owned by any specific character of the movie like arabesque motifs.

<img src="/projects/my-delusionary-rendezvous/the-drummer-for-the-red-cross/00-40-blue-hands.png" alt=“Blue hands (00:40)”

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Popular porn movies are largely focused on the action’s itself. Two blue hands are sharing the red together on a blue plane. I think that the real porn is to describe the big picture by artistic details.

<img src="/projects/my-delusionary-rendezvous/the-drummer-for-the-red-cross/04-18-babies.png" alt=“Babies (04:18)”

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The synchronous background music (kicks, piano hit’s..) increases the movie’s fluency at all times. During a war, a crying baby, and a drummer! This kind of sense of humor is just beautiful. All the sound effects and the music was really good.

<img src="/projects/my-delusionary-rendezvous/the-drummer-for-the-red-cross/01-57-childhood.png" alt=“Childhood (01:57)”

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I love seeing a contrast in a single shot. The irony can make you feel funny, intense, or even sad. Nevertheless this picture’s ironical contrast is so cheap, because it’s not a part of the story and the moral is so obvious and easily seen. And you know, movies with a social message are always funny.

<img src="/projects/my-delusionary-rendezvous/the-drummer-for-the-red-cross/09-50-distant.png" alt=“Distant (09:50)”

data-lightbox-src="/projects/my-delusionary-rendezvous/the-drummer-for-the-red-cross/09-50-distant.png" data-lightbox-alt=“Distant (09:50)”

The biggest fear of human beings is their own selves. They’re afraid to face themselves so they rely on illusions. The illusion of friendships, love, money. But we’re naturally alone creatures and sometimes we preclude society and be what we are. And distant angles..

<img src="/projects/my-delusionary-rendezvous/the-drummer-for-the-red-cross/06-28-orphans-morning.png" alt=“Childhood (01:57)”

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What we see is same starting to the the daily life with hopes everyday. The filming technique is so cheerful, and optimistic, but we know that there was a huge drama, and there is something behind this happy angles.The rhythm is unstable. But i find it as a mistake to my way of thinking.

Having various more than one (sometimes happy, sometimes sad) kills the character, the atmosphere of the movie. I think a movie better have one dominant mood and one perspective instead of various.

<img src="/projects/my-delusionary-rendezvous/the-drummer-for-the-red-cross/08-14-the-loneliness-of-the-night.png" alt=“The loneliness of the night (08:14)”

data-lightbox-src="/projects/my-delusionary-rendezvous/the-drummer-for-the-red-cross/08-14-the-loneliness-of-the-night.png" data-lightbox-alt=“The loneliness of the night (08:14)”

The cool shot which focuses on the drama, the loneliness seems so plastic to me. An artist is supposed to be honest to his art instead of trying to manipulate the viewer. The absence of intimacy, and commitment brings down the movie to the level of casually average.

<img src="/projects/my-delusionary-rendezvous/the-drummer-for-the-red-cross/10-07-portrait-of-a-perfect-family.png" alt=“Portrait of a perfect family (10:07)”

data-lightbox-src="/projects/my-delusionary-rendezvous/the-drummer-for-the-red-cross/10-07-portrait-of-a-perfect-family.png" data-lightbox-alt=“Portrait of a perfect family (10:07)”

<img src="/projects/my-delusionary-rendezvous/the-drummer-for-the-red-cross/10-19-portrait-of-a-perfect-family.png" alt=“Portrait of a perfect family (10:19)”

data-lightbox-src="/projects/my-delusionary-rendezvous/the-drummer-for-the-red-cross/10-19-portrait-of-a-perfect-family.png" data-lightbox-alt=“Portrait of a perfect family (10:19)”

This is my favorite shot in the movie. How the perfect European family appears in the common subconscious. The place, the acting and the position of the camera is a good set up.

<img src="/projects/my-delusionary-rendezvous/the-drummer-for-the-red-cross/11-51-uprising.png" alt=“Uprising (11:51)”

data-lightbox-src="/projects/my-delusionary-rendezvous/the-drummer-for-the-red-cross/11-51-uprising.png" data-lightbox-alt=“Uprising (11:51)”

Your childhood reflects what kind of person you become as an adult. Your past is like a mirror which you have to face all the time. They are born with tears, and movie ends up their tears. What a satisfactory final!