Dancer dancing to the great tunes
Pace e gioia sia con voi
Gioachino Rossini

“my delusionary rendezvous” is my personal blog.

It’s generally about boring movies and my personal notes on them. - 2012

The reviews:

my delusionary rendezvous






my delusionary rendezvous was my personal blog when I was filming short-movies and writing about movies while being active member of different communities such as the Surrealist group in Stockholm Wikipedia .


The blog was active in 2012, and was served in which looked like:

A screenshot from 2012 version of


people are used to clearing their missing emotions up in poems to feel humanly, to remember being human.

people are used to reckoning on poems telling their stories by emotional way, and they feel closer to poets.

to me, poets are pant sniffers.

who wrote the lastest poem in a computer language, or in mathematics, or in chemistry, or in anarcho-primitivism?

i disapprove of poetry.
i have no humanly feelings.
i’m not talking to anyone.
i’m not talking about anyone in particular.
i’m not sharing my sentimantalism to anyone.
so nobody is supposed to understand me.

erkin 22.04.2012